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The Village of La Grange Park 1930s and Later

As late as 1930 the village's equipment and facilities amounted to:

  • one truck
  • one fire engine
  • one building for all the village's activities

The Planning Commission established in the 1925 was a start to the many changes to the Village, but it was not until after the Great Depression that events really took off.

La Grange Park enjoyed regular growth through the 20th Century which is opened with a population of 720.  Census figures for the next six decades are:

1910 -  1,031
1920 -  1,684
1930 -  2,939
1940 -  3,409
1950 -  6,176
1960 - 13,765 

Walter J. Madigan was the President of La Grange Park from 1943 until 1957.  He and others guided the Village and the Commission to perform many improvements including:

The first large apartment complex, the Homestead Apartments, was built as were many Joern homes and the Village Market.

A new municipal building opened in 1976 on Woodlawn Avenue between Catherine and Ashland Avenues.  The building had village offices, the police department, the main fire station, a court and an emergency operations center.

In 1978 the full time police force consisted of:
  • one lieutenant
  • four sergeants
  • 14 officers
The fire department consisted of:
  • one captain
  • five lieutenants
  • 27 men

Members of the police and fire department were qualified as EMT's (emergency medical technicians) and operated full-time ambulance services.


The village had no church of its own until 1953 when Saint Michael's Lutheran began services.  The Saint Louise de Marillac opened in 1955 and three years later the Village Church of LaGrange Park was formed. 


LaGrange Park's first school was Poet's Corner at LaGrange Road and 31st Street, built in 1865 and used until 1909.  "There is no whispering without permission" was in the Rules of the Schools (an early governing book at the school).  Stanford's Fountain Pen Ink was used in the school ink wells.

In 1909 the La Grange and La Grange Park school districts were consolidated to form District 102.

The primary source of this information includes but is not limited to:

The above information was obtained through the LaGrange Park Public Library,

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