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This article was taken from an April 15, 1921 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper


County, Board Take Formal Action On Improving North Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street

North Fifth avenue is to be straightened and the curve on Twenty-second street along Salt creek is to be ironed out.  This was decided upon definitely last Monday at a meeting of the Road and Bridge committee of the county board.

Several months ago the members of the committee together with representatives of the Forest Preserve visited North Fifth avenue at Salt creek and carefully considered the proposed plan for straightening both roads and diverting Salt Creek so Twenty-second street would run directly east and west without the dangerous curve.  The plan was informally approved at the time and the engineer was instructed to go ahead with preliminary surveys and estimates.

Recently objection was filed    with the board by three property owners living west of the creek.  Accordingly the committee announced that interested persons on both sides would be heard last Monday.

Three plans were presented by the engineer with estimates of cost.  One was for a new bridge just to the north of the present bridge.  The second plan called for the new bridge and street by diverting Salt creek.  The third plan provides for straightening both Fifth avenue and Twenty-second street, diverting Salt Creek and a new bridge across the creek straight north and south -- about where the small dam now is.

Mr. Quinland, the engineer, favored the third plan and the LaGrange men present all urged doing the job right and taking out all the dangerous curves before the road is paved.  After a thorough discussion of the merits of each plan, the committee formally voted in favor of extending Fifth avenue straight north and building the bridge so there will be no sharp turns or curves.

The channel of the creek will be changed and the bridge will be built this summer ready for paving early next year.

Among the men from LaGrange at the meeting were Village President H. H. McClure, Village Attorney, C. Stevens, Trustee John Bryson, O. B. Chamberlain, F. L. Goff and S. S. Gorham.

This article was taken from an April 15, 1921 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper

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