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Real estate loan

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It is not uncommon for individuals to end up in debt after making a home loan. In general, lending institutions check with their client their income and situation to make sure they can pay their monthly payments. Contrary to a misconception, it is not in banks’ interests to overburden their clients with debts they can not afford, quite the opposite.…

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Business Capital Loan

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  Business Capital Loans: Yes vs. No. When you want to start a business, of course you need to do simple research to compare several alternative business capital. If you already have sufficient capital, then you can move on to the next stage, namely planning and analyzing business feasibility. But what about the majority of business people who lack funds…

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Comparison of Lending Money Between Peer to Peer Lending vs. Bank Loans

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Peer to Peer Lending Scheme The scheme offered by Peer to Peer lending briefly is to bring together lenders with online loan seekers. Also in this model, lenders can find out in more detail and depth about prospective borrowers. P2P lending companies provide borrower profiles to potential lenders so they can choose which one to take. After being deemed suitable,…

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Lump sum insurance loan insurance

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Lump sum compensation paid by credit insurance means a full refund of the monthly installment of the credit by the insurer or the amount of which is determined in the contract. This type of care is generally offered by insurers during a delegation of insurance. Flat-rate compensation is more advantageous than indemnity coverage, which takes into account the loss of…

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Manage Loan Interest in Lending?

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There Are No Rules Regarding the Interest of Lending Loans The OJK expressed reluctance to regulate interest charged to borrowers through the Lending scheme, at least for now, and submit the process of determining loan interest to the market mechanism. Head of the Executive Head of the Non-Bank Financial Industry, explained that currently, will still focus on developing the financial…

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