Real estate loan

It is not uncommon for individuals to end up in debt after making a home loan. In general, lending institutions check with their client their income and situation to make sure they can pay their monthly payments. Contrary to a misconception, it is not in banks’ interests to overburden their clients with debts they can not afford, quite the opposite. Their goal is that you can pay them! They have every interest, not to over-indebted you.

And yet, even though home loans are a reliable way to access homeownership, many people find themselves in an uncomfortable situation today because of job loss, divorce, unexpected medical expenses, and so on. Often in these cases, the most obvious solution is the real estate loan.

Remember that the real estate loan can be done only if the mortgage is attached to others as a consumer credit, another loan or auto loan for example: indeed, it is impossible to consolidate a single loan. In addition, if you are in a situation of over-indebtedness, or even worse, banking with the Bank of France (FICP), or if simply your financial situation is not easy, it is highly advisable to use a co-borrower who can vouch and thus ensure your repayments somehow.

Real estate loan: that benefits!

Real estate loan

The real estate loan, therefore, makes it possible to reduce the number of its monthly payments by spreading them over a longer period, while saving costs and obtaining a better rate. Organizations offering have everything to gain by accepting your request if it is well formulated: by allowing you to repay your loans over a longer period, they ensure an interest rate margin loan, regardless of the type of rate for which you have chosen: fixed or variable. You will be less financially stuck, and they will be pleased to sting a customer to one of their competitors.

To save as much money as possible on your real estate loan do not forget to make a simulation to compare the different offers of the market so you could save several hundred or even thousands of euros in the long run. The more information you give in the simulator, the more the offers that will be proposed to you will be adapted and precise, so do not hesitate to take your time to fill it: the simulation is free and without commitments, and your data will be used only as part of the relationship with real estate professionals.

Real Estate Rate: The New Trends for 2016

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Do not forget to follow the real estate rate barometer 2016 on our website with our dedicated pages to inform you of the latest changes in rates. Following their evolution will allow you to know if rates are going up again, and therefore if you have to hurry to make your home loan!

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